Based in Coachella Valley, Kings Garden Inc. is California’s preeminent cannabis cultivation, processing, distribution and manufacturing company, specializing in premium grade boutique products at an unrivaled commercial scale. Since its inception, six years ago, the company has produced strong revenue and profit growth while consistently generating positive cash flow.

Kings Garden has an operational footprint of about 250,000 sf, consisting of indoor cultivation, manufacturing, processing, and distribution.

Facilities are designed by seasoned in-house cannabis professionals and feature state-of-the-art lighting scheme to maximize utilization and to optimize production.
The company invests in industry-leading water reclamation systems and environmental controls.

With 3,400 flowering lights, the company is producing in excess of 44,000 pounds of indoor product annually to support its flower line and manufactured goods.

All product grown at a commercial scale surpasses stringent state compliance testing requirements, and achieves extraordinary  cannabinoid profiles.

The flower line consists of 1/8th oz jars, 1/4 oz jars, pre-rolls, and grams.

All flower is hand-trimmed to ensure the highest qualityand consistency.

Utilizing every aspect of its plant biomass, Kings Garden converts low-margin raw material into high-margin manufactured products.

Kings Garden also has an ultra-successful connoisseur concentrated line consisting of shatter, budder, sugar, and diamonds.

Kings Garden never compromises product integrity and only uses safe and legal insecticides and pesticides.

California is the world’s largest cannabis market. If the state were a sovereign nation, it would rank as the world’s fifth-largest economy.

Kings Garden’s products are sold in a majority of all California retail locations.

In addition to in-house production, Kings Garden provides consulting and IP licensing to third-party facilities.

415,000 sq. ft. under construction, adding 8,500 lights.

Kings Garden is committed to full compliance, including payroll, banking, product, premises and workers comp insurance, as well as a comprehensive state-mandated track and trace system.

“Market leadership takes the commitment and tenacity of the entire team.”

– Lauri Kibby, Chief Financial Officer